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Dean’s Message

Welcome to the website of the College of IT Engineering (CITE), Kyungpook National University (KNU)!

The CITE, a specialization college of the university with proud history and tradition, was launched by the Department of Electronics Engineering, established in 1968. The college consists of two schools (the School of Electronics Engineering and the School of Computer Science and Engineering), one department (the Department of Electrical Engineering), and one industrially contracted department (the Department of Mobile Engineering). The college aims to help students develop flexible thinking skills, creativity problem solving skills, and expert knowledge in the field of IT required for Industry 4.0. The college currently comprises over 130 top-level professors, who are passionate about education and research, over 4,300 undergraduates, and over 430 graduate students.

Since 2005, the CITE has adopted the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK) to comply with the international standards of engineering education. In order to improve students’ practical skills, the CITE has strengthened the experimental and design education, and runs industrial internship programs and field practicing programs. To cultivate human resources with international competitiveness for a new era of globalization, we offer a number of dual degree programs with various universities around the world including University of Texas at Dallas, University of Missouri-Columbia, South Dakota State University in the United States, Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary, Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland, Thai Nguyen University of Technology in Vietnam, and Christ University in India, etc. We also offer international exchange programs with top-level universities overseas, such as ECE Paris, ESME Sudria in France, Beijing University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji University in China, Nagasaki University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) in Japan, and Indian Statistical Institute in India, etc.

There are 17 research centers within the CITE including the Institute of Electronic Technology, Digital Technology Research Center, Institute of Semiconductor Fusion Technology, Software Technology Research Center, Center for Microgrid Research, Center of Self-Organizing Software, Center for ICT & Automotive Convergence, Mobile Network Security Technology Research Center, IDEC Regional Center, Underwater Communication/Detection Research Center, Institute of Advanced Convergence Technology, Artificial Intelligence Institute of Technology, Center for Hyper-Connected Convergence Technology and Research, etc. We are researching on and developing advanced ICT convergence technologies. In addition, we help students develop creative talents in the field of IT by participating in many government-funded programs, such as the nurturing program for graduate education (BK21 Plus), the program for industrial needs-matched education (PRIME), the university specialization program (CK), the software-centric university program, etc.

Over 29,000 graduates of the CITE have been leading the development of Korea as a nation of IT power in a wide range of fields, such as industries, research institutes, and universities. We hope that our students will achieve their dreams to open the era of Industry 4.0 at the CITE, which has excellent faculties, the best education/research facilities, and scholarship systems that benefit more than 70% of our students.

Thank you!

Prof. You-Ze Cho, Ph.D
Dean, the College of IT Engineering, KNU