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Electronics Engineering


The School of Electronics Engineering is one of the biggest and well renowned colleges in Korea with great academic and research faculties and vibrant fraternity of faculties and students. The educational goal is to train professional engineers acquiring business competency with deep knowledge.
The school was first founded as the Department of Electrical Engineering in 1968. Since its inception, SEE has led to the development of Korean electric, semiconductor, and communication industries for 50 years.
By now, 17,461 scholars(B.S. degree: 13,847, M.S. and Ph.D: 3,614) have graduated and lead the electronics industry in the world. Indeed, this school is the biggest in the field of electronics in Korea with 87 professors (including invited professors), 22 administrative staffs, about 319 graduate students, 3,110 undergraduate students. Furthermore, 70% of undergraduate students are supported by a scholarship, and more than 88% of students are being employed every year.


The four-year undergraduate program in the School of Electronics Engineering provides the students with a capability to take a leadership position in electronic engineering not only with in-depth understanding of the basic principles but also with practical ability to apply the theory to the real applications. The undergraduate program consists of seven major tacks: Circuits and Embedded Systems Engineering, Semiconductors and Display Engineering, Video System Engineering, Radio Communication Systems Engineering, Signal Processing, Information and Communication Engineering, Embedded Systems and Control Engineering.
The graduate program in the School of Electronics Engineering is to provide students with the background required for professional job in a specific studying field. The Doctor of Philosophy program offers a chance to achieve in-depth and independent research work with originality in Electronics Engineering field.


● Facilities for Education & Research
- 3 buildings with a combined total of over 32,320 square meters of space available for lectures, research, and experiments
- Total of 34 experiment labs across all department
- World-class-level experiments and educational design.

Support/Career Opportunities

More than 70% of the undergraduate students in the school of Electronics Engineering are financially supported by various scholarships. The school of Electronics Engineering supports 1,009 million won as full scholarship to 430 students and 3,590 million won was as partial scholarship to 2,550 students each year.
Moreover, Samsung, LG Display and SK Hynix, one of the global leading semiconductor companies, support full tuition fee and enough living cost to 27 undergraduate students each year through their tracks. In total, more than 70 undergraduate students are being financially supproted each year from outside. Most graduates enter global companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, SK Hynix and Doosan.