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Electrical Engineeing


Department of Electrical Engineering at Kyungpook National University (KNU) is recognized for eminence in instruction, research and professional development. To achieve the department’s goal, “developing technologies on electricity and power system for the human being and the environment,” 12 distinguished faculty members perform the researches in all the electrical engineering areas covering from generation, distribution, storage to conversion of electrical energy. Since the establishment in 1982, the department have contributed to industries, academia, research institutes and governments in Korea by producing talented and motivated alumni. It has been advancing to the nation’s top department with systematic education curriculum and innovative research works.


Undergraduate students in electrical engineering are encouraged to take both theoretical courses that develop mathematical and physical reasoning abilities and practical courses that provide experience in the research, development, design and operation of electrical and electronic systems and their components.
Graduate programs leading to the Master of Science (M.S.) and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees move students towards mastery of areas of interest, through course work and significant research. Research in Electrical Engineering can be considered in terms of broader themes which cover generation, distribution and storage, conversion, and applications of electrical energy.


The Electrical Engineering department has 12 research groups that encompasses virtually every specialty in electrical engineering that focuses on energy, electricity and power. The following research groups are actively engaged in their own and interdisciplinary research.

- Applied Electro-magnetics & Design Optimization Lab. (Lead by Prof. Dong-Hoon Kim)
- High Voltage and Plasma Application Lab. (Lead by Prof. Jin-Gyu Kim)
- Sensor Device and System Lab. (Lead by Prof. Hyung-Pyo Kim)
- Microwave and Wireless System Lab. (Lead by Prof. Hong-Joon Kim)
- Power Electronics Lab. (Lead by Prof. Heung-Keun Kim)
- Nanoscale Engineering Lab. (Lead by Prof. Jong-Hoo Park)
- Electromagnetic Multi-physics Lab. (Lead by Prof. Se-Hee Lee)
- Power Quality Lab. (Lead by Prof. Jong-Woo Choi)
- Electric Machines Lab. (Lead by Prof. Hong-Soon Choi)
- Power System and Smart Energy Network Lab. (Lead by Prof. Sekyung Han)
- Robotics and Intelligent System Lab. (Lead by Prof. Junwoo Lee)
- Smart Power System Lab. (Lead by Prof. Soobae Kim)

Support/Career Opportunities

The department provides more than 76.4% of undergraduate students with scholarships from the various sources. Available scholarships are national scholarships for science and technology, excellent scholar for local universities, good record scholarship, scholarship for difficult students, future dream scholarship, enhancement of education scholarship, work-study scholarship, KNU scholarship department, etc.
Students who have a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering get jobs in industry and academia. They can be found in research laboratories, in both large corporations and public enterprises, such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Hyosung, SK, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Corporation, etc. Others become lawyers, doctors or get advanced degrees in other fields. Some graduates continue their study to get higher degrees in KNU or other nationally recognized universities. Some students who have a Ph.D. degree become a faculty member in many other universities in Korea.